Death of Polish tourist in Egypt may be linked to trafficking and organized crime

Officials in Poland have said that the death of a 27-year old Polish woman in Egypt may be linked to human trafficking and organized crime. Magdalena Z. died following a fall out of a hospital window in the southeastern Egyptian town of Marsa Alam at the end of April.

The woman travelled to Egypt on a package holiday on the 25th of April where she planned to stay for one week. Shortly after arrival, her partner, who was not able to travel with her, got concerned by her voice over the telephone and they made arrangement for her early return.

However, Magdalena Z. was not allowed to board a plane at the local Marsa Alam airport, some 700 kilometers south of Cairo, due to her “strange behaviour” . She was taken to hospital where her condition deteriorated . CCTV footage from the hospital has emerged, apparently showing her acting erratically and being restrained by two men.

According to the news outlet CBC, hospital manager Mohamed Sami Gomaa stated that she tried to throw herself from a window several times. Hospital staff said that the Polish tourist was later tied to her bed, but somehow managed to escape her restraints, attacked a nurse and jumped from the building. Magdalena Z. is said to have died from her injuries following the plunge from the hospital’s window.

Polish investigators have said that they do not rule out murder and that the case may be linked to human trafficking and organized crime.

Image: Wiki Commons

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