CNBC: Russia angry as Poland erases Communist past

(CNBC) – Poland’s plans to demolish around 500 Soviet-era monuments have angered Russia, according to media reports, further damaging relations between the former Soviet satellite state and the country.


Poland is planning a mass demolition of monuments that are relics of the country’s Communist past which are seen as reminders of Soviet Russia’s invasion and subsequent decades-long political dominance of the eastern European nation until a popular uprising in 1989 overthrew Communist rule.

The head of Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance said in an interview with Polish news site Onet on Thursday that Soviet monuments in Poland – which was invaded by Germany in 1939, effectively starting World War II, and then by the Soviet Union which eventually drove out the Germans in 1944 – should have been demolished in the early 1990s and called their preservation “a fatal mistake.”

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