Blocking Silesia – Miners, residents and even athletes take to the streets of Bytom

Not only miners and residents took to the streets in Bytom in defense of the coal mine Bobrek-Centrum. Athletes, fans, teachers, taxi drivers, and even … undertakers took part in yesterday evening’s demonstration.


Representatives of various professional groups came out onto the streets of Bytom on Wednesday evening. The demonstration started at 17:00- according to a statement made by the council.

Blocking the roads of Bytom. “Against the closure of the mines”

Six representatives of trade unions participated in the protest. But that was not the end.

Also city residents, businesses registered in Bytom, schools, taxi drivers, athletes, and even undertakers joined. Various communities were mobilized.
The council refused to estimate how many people took to the streets in protest against the mine closures, however it pointed out that the city was locked for a few hours.

It is not the first time that residents of Silesian cities show their determination. On Tuesday evening, they have blocked the roads of Gliwice.

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