Beata Szydlo, “Relations with Berlin are excellent”

Polish prime minister Beata Szydlo has travelled to Berlin to meet with German chancellor Angela Merkel. Ahead of her visit to Germany, Szydlo told the German newspaper “Bild” that relations with Berlin are excellent but that Germany should not exclude Poland from key decisions.


Beata Szydlo has been prime minister of Poland for the past three months. In recent years, when main political figures changed in Poland or Germany, it was courtesy to visit either Berlin or Warsaw within days. Now, however, since PiS has won the last Polish elections, it took the Polish PM three months to find time to make her way to Berlin. Perhaps a sign that relations are not as excellent as Szydlo makes them out to be?

Szydlo also mentioned that the German government has made mistakes with its refugee welcome politics. – The weakening of Germany makes Europe unstable. But we have to admit that mistakes were made. – Szydlo said.

In addition, Szydlo criticized the planning of the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany. – The pipeline simply bypasses Poland and the EU did not take Polish interests into account,- she said.

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