Anti-immigration rally in front of Wroclaw City Hall

Dozens of people gathered Wednesday evening (18.11.2015) in front of Wroclaw’s city hall to protest against the adoption of refugees in Poland. Speakers warned against rape, killings and bloodshed on the streets. At the end of the gathering protesters burnt an effigy of a Jew.


Dozens of people gathered at 18:00 to protest against accepting refugees into Poland. From a mobile stage in front of Wroclaw city hall the organizers, National Radical Camp and All-Polish Youth, warned against bringing refugees to Poland, as, according to them, they are not war refugees but rather economic migrants and terrorists.

“Raped, beaten and murdered by the Islamic wilderness. You want it on our streets?” one of the speakers shouted from the stage. The meeting ended with the burning of an effigy of a Jews – in a black hat and side curls. Police secured the gathering, but did not interfere. Efforts made by the Wroclaw outlet of to secure a statement from the police spokesman remained unanswered, according to the publication.


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