Another heatwave to hit Poland this week. Temperatures of up to 34 degrees expected

Temperatures across the whole country are to climb to 34 degrees Celsius by Tuesday with mild winds blowing over Poland.

kurtyna wodna

In connection with the temperature increases, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) warns that by the middle of this week, Poland could see some storms as areas of low and high pressure collide.

Some parts of Poland might experience gale-force winds and heavy rain.

According to Grażyna Dabrowska from the IMGW, the south of Poland could experience temperatures of up to 29 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists say that over the next couple of days, the temperature will continue increasing, hitting around 34 degrees C by Tuesday.

IMGW says that a vast area of low pressure has developed over Belarus to Poland’s north east, while areas of high air pressure to the west will cause warm air to move over the country.

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