Accident on A2 motorway. 18 people injured in bus crash

An accident which occurred at kilometer 377 on the A2 motorway at approx. 3.30 this morning (25.04.) has left 18 people injured and a bus damaged.

According to a police statement, the cause of the accident is unclear. At approx. 3.30am on Tuesday 25.04.2017, the 49-year old driver of a bus maneuvered his vehicle off the motorway and into a ditch, however, the cause for it is not yet known.

The bus steered off the motorway and into a ditch where it turned on its side. 18 people were reported injured in the accident and have been admitted to hospitals in the Łódź and Mazowieckie regions. More severely injured passengers were taken to hospital by helicopters, however, it is reported that none of the injured are in life threatening conditions.

Police on the scene are investigating the accident and have confirmed that the driver of the bus was sober and rested as he took over from his colleague just before the accident.

Images: Police Material

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