” A World of Cyclists & Vegetarians ” – Polish foreign minister in interview with Germany’s “Bild”

Media outlets worldwide do not need to worry about what to include in their foreign politics sections these days. The new Polish government appears all too happy to provide them with a daily input, keeping Poles and the world puzzled, surprised and sometimes speechless.


Following Lech Walesa, who recently expressed his embarrassment for the new Polish government in Germany’s “Die Welt”, German tabloid “Bild” briefly interviewed the new Polish foreign minster Witold Waszczykowski, who as it seems, believes that there is no place for cyclists and vegetarians in Poland.

Initially Waszczykowski explained recent political moves by his party PiS with having to cure “a disease” (meaning the deeds of the previous government). In an attempt to elaborate on his thoughts, Waszczykowski says :

” Under the previous government a specific left-wing policy concept was followed with which the world must move in only one direction, the Marxist model – to a new mix of cultures and races, a world of cyclists and vegetarians who only focus on renewable energies and fight against any form of religion. This has nothing to do with traditional Polish values. ”

Speaking to TVN’s “Jeden na jeden” program, Waszczykowski explained his statement with – “The Bild is a less serious newspaper. You can make jokes”.

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  1. M. Waszczykowski, tell us what are polish values. Those of the 70s ? Those of the xixth century ? Those of the middle age ?

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