6.2 Million Credit Cards issued in Poland. Poles face less issues re-paying debt than in year before

6.2 million credit cards were already issued in Poland, of which 3.8 million are active – according to data from Credit Information Bureau (BIK). The cards are most popular among people with higher education and middle-aged bank customers.


A survey conducted by Millward Brown for BIK and Kronenburg Foundation at Citi Handlowy on a group of 1001 adult Poles in March 2014 showed that credit cards are mosty used by people aged 35 to 59 years old (45 percent.) and are least popular among 18-24 year olds, only 19% of respondents in this age group used them. Credit cards are also more popular with people with higher education -51 % of them uses credit card compared to 37 % with only secondary education.

The benefits of credit cards which were most often quoted in the survey included: ease of paying, easy access to additional funding and flexibility. Other benefits that were important to nearly half of the respondents included the possibility of booking of hotels, flights and rental cars.

According to BIK statistics card owners use an average of 40 percent of their assigned credit limit. This average is higher for people who use their card actively (limit of at least 200 zl used), they tend to use average of 55% of their limits.

The average limit granted on credit cards in the first half of this year was 4 thousand PLN, an increase of 174 PLN compared to 3 866 PLN the year before. It also shows that less people have problems with repaying their debt on time. Out of 4,8 million cardholders the number of people who were over 90 days late was 472 thousand compared 572 thousand last year.

Credit Information Bureau is engaged in the collection and sharing of data on credit history of customers of banks and credit unions. Its database comprises of information on 130 million accounts belonging to 23 million individual customers.

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