4.26 PLN against the US Dollar – Financial experts predict

Until the end of the year, the Polish zloty will remain quite weak against the euro, and especially against the dollar. Rehabilitation is only expected in 2017. This is the forecast of economic experts at Credit Agricole.


In a report published on Monday, analysts at Credit Agricole suggest that in the third quarter of this year, the euro could cost 4.35 PLN and dollar 4.26 PLN. At the end of the year, the experts predict that the euro will cost 4.30 PLN and the dollar 4.17 PLN.

The zloty is expected to remain stable against the Euro, however, the situation does not look as good in relation to the US currency. Today, the US dollar stands at 1 to 3.96 zloty, whereas, experts forecast 1 to 4.26 later this year. For local companies exporting their goods abroad and settling transactions in dollars, the change represents a positive outlook. However, importers, for example of garments from China, for which the dollar is the main currency, will feel a strong hit.

Source: Wirtualna Polska

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