2nd of May: Poland marks Flag Day

May 2nd marks Flag Day of the Republic of Poland. The country turns into a sea of white and red as Poles hang out Polish flags, celebrating the day between the labour- and constitution day holidays.

In Łódź , a picnic was organized by the Military Center for Medical Education in Łódź. The program included an exhibition of military equipment and furnishings, an exhibition of small arms and dynamic demonstrations of soldiers. In thematic tents visitors could meet representatives of many uniformed groups, including the 32nd Tactical Air Base in Łask, 25th Air Cavalry Brigade or the 9th Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces. On the stage there were competitions, shows of illusions and games for children, there were choirs and music bands, among others Pawnshop.

– Our flag, white and red, has always accompanied us in difficult, exalted moments, but also throughout joyful and hopeful moments. I am glad that once again today it is with us and so many of you, the inhabitants of Łódź, came to honor her. I wish you great fun during the picnic on this beautiful and important day – said Łódź President Hanna Zdanowska.

Image: UML

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