21-year old killed outside kebab shop in Ełk. Tunisian national charged by police

A Tunisian national has been charged with the killing of 21-year old man outside a kebab shop in Ełk, north-eastern Poland. The incident took place on the night of New Year’s eve and has led to a two day stand-off between locals and police.


The tragic incident occurred on Saturday evening in front of a kebab restaurant in the center of the north-eastern town of Ełk. According to Newsweek Polska, police were called to the scene at approx. 23:00. The victim, a 21-year old local man, had two visible stab wounds on his body.

It is not yet known what exactly led to argument between the 21-year old and workers of the restaurant. Earlier news reports suggested that the victim had let off a firecracker inside the establishment. Others reported that the victim attempted to leave the restaurant with bottles of drink without paying.

According to the news reports, the 21-year old victim was chased by the restaurant’s staff, reported to be of North African origin, and was stabbed with a knife belonging to the restaurants. Two stab wounds proved to be fatal.

The Ełk district prosecutor’s office confirmed that they have requested an arrest warrant for a 26-year old Tunisian national who worked at the restaurant as a cook.

The killing has sparked protests among the local population which led to a two day stand off between protestors and riot police. Protestors threw fireworks, bottles and stones at police and also damaged the windows of the kebab restaurant. Police stood guard outside the restaurant as locals threatened to set it on fire.

Police confirmed that so far over 20 rioters have been arrested.

Source: Newsweek

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