13th anniversary of Polish EU membership

While most European countries, including Poland, celebrate the 1st of May as labour day, it also marks the anniversary of Poland’s EU membership. Along with 9 other countries, in what was the biggest single expansion of the Union, Poland joined the EU on the 1st of May 2004.

It was the largest expansion of the European Union when Poland, along with nine other countries, joined the Union on the 1st of May 2004. Efforts to join the EU structures began 10 years earlier with Poland’s application for membership. The Treaty of Accession 2003 was signed on 16 April 2003 and next to Poland, the countries that joined the Union in May 2004 were: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

The European Union is an economic-political union of democratic European countries co-created by 28 countries. The idea of European unification was born just after the war (1952) through the emergence of the European coal and steel community.

Image: Europa.eu

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