Whirlpool officially launches Shared Service Center in Łódź

Multinational company Whirlpool has officially launched its shared service center in the new center of Łódź today (05.10.2017). The new shared service center for finance supports accounting and financial operations for the entire EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

The decision to set up the facility was made earlier this year after a detailed analysis of financial and accounting operations in the EMEA region. The main goal of the center is to standardize and ensure stability. The Łódź center manages a new model of integrated financial processes for the entire EMEA region.

– Poland is one of the most important countries in the EMEA region in terms of quality and pace of development of industrial structures, and therefore, from the perspective of Whirlpool Corporation, it is an optimal, strategic location for our shared service center. We are delighted that we also support the business development of Łódź by our decision, – said Andrea Marciandi, Whirlpool EMEA Shared Service Director.

– The long-term presence of the company in Łódź and its dynamic development shows that our city occupies a very important place on the map for such large global companies. At the same time, the availability of ambitious and creative staff and its potential is assessed very high. The fact that Whirlpool decided to create a shared services center in our city makes me very proud. And what is important: in recent years, shared service centers have become one of the most attractive places of work in the Łódź region, – said Łódź president, Hanna Zdanowska, at the launch ceremony.

The new Whirlpool facility is located in the so-called “New Center of Łódź”. The center occupies over 5 thousand m2 of office space and currently employs almost 270 people. The nature of the center’s activities creates space for building an international team, which at that moment is made up of 15 languages: Polish, English, French, Danish, German, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Nigerian.

Due to the company’s expansion plans, Whirlpool’s new shared service center intends to closely cooperate with local universities.

Image: Whirlpool Press Material

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