Volleyball ladies of Budowlani Łódź encourage residents to separate waste

City officials, waste treatment department and the volleyball ladies of Budowlani Łódź have started a campaign regarding waste disposal. MPO waste disposal trucks will feature the images of Budowlani volleyball players trying to convince Łódź residents to separate their waste.


Gabriela Polańska and Sylwia Pycie, volleyball players at Budowlani Łódź encourage waste segregation. This is yet another social responsibility project between the volleyball club and the city’s waste treatment department. – From today our vehicles bearing a new campaign to encourage to care for the environment – said Artur Augustyn, president of MPO Łódź. — The MPO trucks are a very good mobile advertising medium which reaches a large number of inhabitants in many places of the city- , Augustyn adds.

The volleyball players themselves separate their garbage. – In my house, my child carefully separates waste and is well aware of the importance of recycling – says Gabriela Polańska.

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