ul. Legionów in Łódź Polesie to receive facelift (Visualization)

Continuing with their greener and friendlier Łódź project, city authorities revealed their plans for the revitalization of ul. Legionów in the Polesie district of the city.

Plans for the revitalization of the busy city center street were presented by Marcin Obijalski, director of the office for revitalization, at a press conference on Wednesday (15.03.).

The plans include the renovation of tenements numbered 20, 44 and 37A, resurfacing the street itself as well as rows of trees with parking spaces between them. Additionally, the tram tracks along the street will be repaired in order to silence the noise of trams running through the district.

Work on ul. Legionów will commence in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2021.

Images: Press Material UML

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