Two new office blocks to be built in Łódź

Authorities in Łódź have confirmed the sale of a plot of land at the intersection of Piłsudskiego and Kopcińskiego in Łódź. As Radio Lodz reported, the plot was sold to an Irish investor for 8.5 million PLN. The investor plans to build two new office buildings.


According to the report, the city of Łódź has tried to sell the plot, which has now been bought by an Irish investor, seven times. The investor intends to build a modern office. – It’s the biggest acquisition this year – explains the president of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska. – The investment will not only bring two new office buildings, but also underground parking and creation of road infrastructure, – Zdanowska is quoted as saying.

Construction work is to start this year with the investment to be completed in 2019.

Image: UMŁ

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