Trasa W-Z: Aleja Kosciuszki open for traffic

On Sunday 16th of August, Aleja Kosciuszki was opened for traffic from north – south direction. Unfortunately at the same time ul. Wolczanska was closed.


So far one lane was opened in each direction on Aleja Kosciuszki. Within the next three weeks both lanes should be opened. However, driving from Widzew to Retkinia on Aleja Mickiewicza is still not possible. Drivers need to turn into Aleja Kosciuszki and then turn left onto ul Struga.

Due to the late announcement of the closure of Wolczanska, traffic on Kosciuszki was so dense today that the travel time between Aleja Mickiewicza and ul. Radwańska took about 15 mins.

There is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel but drivers in Łódź have to remain patient.

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