Tragic accident on al. Piłsudskiego in Łódź. One person killed

Police in Łódź together with the prosecutor’s office are investigating the circumstances of a tragic accident which took place in the early morning hours April 25th. The accident took place at around 4:30 am on Al. Piłsudskiego in Łódź at the height of Wodna Street in the direction of the Widzew district.

According to preliminary findings, the driver of a BMW on the left lane and a Peugeot travelling in the middle lane of al. Piłsudskiego collided. The impact send both cars onto the tram tracks running between the lanes in both directions.

The driver of the Peugeot is said to have hit the electric traction pole of the tram tracks. As a result of his injuries, he died on the spot. At the time of writing, police were still establishing the victim’s identity.

The 42-year-old driver of the BMW was sober at the time of the incident and had no serious injuries.

As police are investigating the accident they invite witnesses to come forward. All persons who can assist in recreating the accident are requested to call 42 665-25-47.

Images: Police Material

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