Tragedy in Łódź – Bałuty. 4-year old child dead. 33-year old man charged with murder

A tragic incident took place in the Bałuty district of Łódź on Tuesday (06.12.). As Radio Łódź reported, a 33-year man has been charged with murder following the death of a 4-year old girl.


According to the reports, the 27-year old mother brought the child to the Provincial Medical Rescue Station in Łódź, crying for help as she carried the body of the 4-year old girl. Doctors immediately realized that the child was the victim of abuse and at the time was already dead for approx. 1 hour.

The news of the child’s death reached the Łódź prosecutor’s office at around 16:00 yesterday and an investigation was launched following the arrests of the mother and her 33-year old partner. Initially, the pair are said to have claimed that Oliwia (the girl’s name) fell from a swing, however, following a search of the couple’s apartment, which revealed more blood stained clothes and pillows, the couple have been remanded in custody.

Today (07.12.), the 33-year old partner of Oliwia’s mother has been charged with murder and child abuse with particular cruelty. It is not yet known if the charges will also be pressed against the child’s mother.

According to police, the 27-year old woman met her partner only a few months ago and has moved from Gliwice to Łódź to live with him. It is also said that she has another child for which she does not exercise care.

Image: Radio Łódź

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