Traffic jams cause havoc on streets of Łódź. Public transport delayed by up to 30 minutes

Heavy traffic has caused havoc on the streets of Łódź on Monday and Tuesday. As the Wyborcza reported, traffic jams, particularly in the eastern part of the city, caused delays in public transport of up to 30 minutes.


According to the news outlet Wyborcza, the return of Łódź residents from their holidays, the start of the school year, as well as major impediments associated with repairs in the eastern parts of the city caused massive traffic jams and heavy delays with public transport.

Drivers travelling from the eastern part of Łódź towards the city center experienced the heaviest delays with some public transport vehicles being delayed by up to 30 minutes. Drivers and public transport passengers are asked to allow for extra time when travelling to and from work over the next days.

Source & Image: Wyborcza

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