Town of Radomsko plans first football museum in Poland

It has emerged that a private investor has expressed interest in opening Poland’s first football museum in the town of Radomsko (Łódź region). Radomsko town council expressed their willingness to support the idea and welcomes the initiative.


As Radio Łódź reported, the town of Radomsko confirmed that they are in talks with a private investor who plans to open Poland’s first football museum close to the center of the town.

– We want to create an object that will be known in Poland – says Wiesława Knaś, a representative of the investor.

Consent to the lease has already been expressed by Radomsko town council. Councillor Magdalena Spólnicka stresses that this type of investment is missing in Radomsko. – We do not have many sports facilities in Radomsko and we keep our fingers crossed that these type of initiatives will attract other investors too -, Spólnicka is quoted as saying.

Source: Radio Lodz

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