Łódź to Lutomiersk – Historical tourist tram to start service on 26th of June

On Sunday (26th of June), a historical tourist tram will commence service between Łódź and Lutomiersk. The historic tram will run on line 43.


Bartosz Stepien from MPK Łódź believes that this route is one of the most picturesque. – Its length is 23 km, and along the way passengers are able to see, among others, a former military training ground, air-raid shelter as well as the Salesian monastery, – Stepien says.

The historic tram will be conducted by members of the Friends of old trams club, who will also talk about the attractions along the route. – It’s a pleasure. We like to talk about the monuments and the history of Łódź public transport, – says Robert Maćkowiak from the club.

Normal MPK Łódź tickets are valid for the trip on the historical tourist tram.

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