Three streets to be turned into green areas in Łódź Stare Polesie

Stare Polesie in Łódź will become greener. With street-gardens, pocket parks and a Woonerf, the Łódź district will become more friendly for residents. The first works will commence today, 28th of September.


Project “Green Polesie” will start with three out of nine selected street in the Stare Polesie district. There are Pogonowskiego, 28 Pułku Strzelców Kaniowskich and Lipowa.

The three streets will transform into woonerf streets and gardens. They will be completely rebuilt as classic asphalt roads and gray concrete sidewalks will disappear. The surfaces will be replaced with colored stone and concrete blocks.

In every available space, lawns with colorful shrubs will planted which will be accompanied by benches as rest places, bike racks and bins. Trees will be planted along all three streets. Although the streets will continue to serve as a communication for cars, pedestrians and cyclists, the change will definitely improve safety as, among other things, due to narrowing of the road traffic will be slowed down.. Work on these streets is expected to cost 6.6 million PLN.

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