Three men sentenced to prison over attack on Pakistani national in Ozorków (Łódź)

Three men have been sentenced to prison for an attack on a Pakistani national outside a kebab shop in Ozorków (Łódź region). The prison sentences range from 14 to 20 months.

A Łódź court has sentenced three men to time in prison following a violent attack on a Pakistani national. The incident took place in January of this year outside a kebab shop in the town of Ozorków (Łódź region) (the Łódź Post reported).

According to a report by TVN24, 1 year and 8 month imprisonment were handed to the only person of the trio admitting to physically assaulting the Pakistani kebab shop worker. In court, the man stated that he regretted his action and that alcohol consumption was one of the main reasons for his aggressive behavior. However, alcohol was not an excuse for the court and he was sentenced to 20 months in prison and was ordered to pay 8,000 PLN to the victim.

His friends were sentenced to slightly shorter prison terms. One was given 1 1/2 years in prison and 3,000 PLN to be paid to the victim while the other, who was referred to as a witness rather than a participant, was handed a 14 months term with a 2,000 PLN payment to the victim.

Back in January, the 44-year old victim just finished his job at a kebab shop in Ozorków and went to a shop to buy cigarettes. There, he was first racially abused, then physically attacked. According to the victim, the attackers shouted “Hej Osama, Osama” then asked him if he was a Muslim. When he confirmed, he felt the first blow.

Image: Screen TVN24

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