There shall be light – Light Move Festival 2015 in Łódz

The Light Move Festival Łódz is upon us. From 09th of October the streets of Łódz will be turned into colourful artworks and this years edition promises to be bigger than ever.


The 5th edition of the Łódz Light Move Festival will include 47 attractions stretched over 10 kilometers across the city: Piotrkowska, Tuwima, Sienkiewicza, Traugutta, Moniuszki, Park Sienkiewicza as well as the EC1. Particularly interesting is that for the first time, the whole complex of the EC1 will be made available.


Each day during the festival the projections will be seen from 18:45 to midnight.

Łódz will be playing host to artists from France, Austria, Germany and Belarus. 900 large-format projections will be displayed on 15 buildings. By hosting the Light Move Festival, the city of Łódz joins the ranks of major cities such as Berlin for example which will host the Festival of Lights at the same time.


The Light Move Festival is organized by the “Lux Pro Monumentis” Foundation. Lux Pro Monumentis is a non-governmental organization with the intention of gathering the lovers of Łódź, it’s architecture and cultural heritage, new technologies and various possibilities they are bringing. The organization sees Łódź as a city with huge social and cultural potential, which allows for realization of creative activities. This is why the Foundation created an event, based as much on the architecture, as on the art of light.


Previous editions of the Light Move Festival in Łódź have proven very successful. Starting in 2011 with 45000 visitors, the festival experienced a tremendous growth over the years with over 350000 visitors attending last year’s event. The organizers expect that this year’s Light Move Festival will see even more visitors coming to Łódź to experience the magic of light.


Parking spaces for people from outside of Łódź will be made available at and around Atlas Arena with short travel distance to the center of the city. The festival will commence on 09.10. at 18:45 and will last until 11.10. 23:59.

In the coming week, just ahead of the festival, the Łódź Post will publish a detailed program.

Images: Organizer Material

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