Terror threat or simply routine? Police in Łódź continue patrols with automatic weapons

Going shopping, having a cup of coffee with friends or simply wonder around the shopping centers of Łódź is supposed to be a relaxing experience, something we enjoy. But for some time, police in Łódź have been patrolling shopping centers equipped with automatic weapons, vests and even helmets.


As the news outlet Wyborcza reported today, police officers with automatic weapons, vests and helmets have become a common sight in shopping centers around Łódź. Shoppers have started to wonder if there is a real threat or if this has simply become routine.

Just before the World Youth Day, additional patrols appeared on the streets of Łódź. – Back then, the government issued a regulation in connection with potential terrorist threats – says Radosław Gwis, press office of the Regional Police Headquarters in Łódź.

According to the temporary regulation, public authorities were obliged to carry out checks on public places and large population centers. However, the period of the special regulation ended on 2nd of August, in line with the re-instatement of Schengen, which saw the temporary border checks discontinue.

So why still the heavy patrols? The press office of the regional police headquarters in Łódź were not able to comment as to when these patrols will be discontinued, however, they have not confirmed a real threat either.

Source: Wyborcza

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