Taxi drivers in Łódź to protest on Thursday. Expect traffic jams and delays

Taxi drivers in Łódź plan to stage a protest on Thursday afternoon (28.04.2016). The protest is directed at transport company Uber which recently launched its services in Łódź.


The protest is planned to start at 15:00 at the Manufaktura square from where taxi drivers will start a slow moving protest across the city. Approximately 100 drivers are expected to join the protest which will last for 3 hours and is scheduled to finish at 18:00.

The organizers of the protest and authorities advice commuters to plan more time for their journey through the city. Traffic jams and delays in public transport are expected.

The protest is aimed at transport company Uber which recently launched its service in Łódź. Taxi drivers fear, that through the competition, rates will be heavily undercut, putting their businesses at risk.

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