Weather forecast for Łódź remains poor in August

On Monday, 08.08.2016, Łódź residents hoped for a change in weather as 28 degrees and blue skies hint that it is the middle of August and therefore summer. However, the forecast for the upcoming days remains poor with temperatures even dropping to 15 degrees.


Those who hoped for the final return of summer are in for bad news as the weather forecast for the next two weeks promises low temperatures and plenty of rain. Despite 28 degrees on Monday (08.08.), over the next two weeks, temperatures in Łódź will steadily remain at around the 20 degree while on some days temperatures might drop even lower. For Wednesdays, 10.08., temperatures will drop to as low as 15 degrees mixed with rain and possible hail.

If you haven’t had your annual leave yet, perhaps a last minute vacation in the south of Europe is something to consider.

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