Shots fired on Bus No. 86 in Łódz

2 shots fired with an air gun hit a bus in Łódz today. The bus No. 86 travelled on ul. Żeromskiego when it was hit by the shots.


Around 5 am on Thursday morning (3 December), two shots from an air gun were fired on bus number 86, heading towards Pl. Dąbrowskiego. The bus driver saw two men that he believes to be involved in the incident.
Adam Kolasa from the Łódź Regional Police Headquarters says – The bus was struck in the third (last) glass door and in the front right wheel of the vehicle. Fortunately, none of the passengers were injured. Police officers seized the damaged bus for forensic analysis. They also secured the footage of CCTV from within the bus and nearby CCTV cameras-.


Police and MPK Łódz are asking people who witnessed the event to assist in determining the perpetrators.

Images: MPK Łódz

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