Second platform at Łódź Widzew station to open on 14.12.

From December 14th onwards, trains at Łódź Widzew station will be stopping at two platforms. So far, only one platform was available for passengers.


Opening the next platform on the redesigned Łódź Widzew station will increase the capacity of the station by 70 percent. The third platform will be open until July of 2015.

Work is proceeding according to plan and the completion of the reconstruction of the station is planned for autumn of 2015. For travelers the most important, is that on December 14th two platforms will be available at Łódź Widzew station.
Thanks to the new platform more trains will be able to pass through the station. The third platform will be open until the end of July of 2015. At the same time, the underpass beneath the platforms will be ready to open.


Platforms at the station will have a length of 400 meters. Most of the trains now stop at the uncovered part of the platform. According to PKP, in winter, when the snow starts to fall, trains will stop under the newly designed roof.

The new platform will be higher, making it easier to get on the train. Widzew Lodz station was also equipped with a information displays for passengers, loudspeakers for announcements, showcases for train schedules and benches.

In addition to the new platforms, railroad tracks connecting Łódź Widzew and Fabryczna will be laid, making it easier for commuters to travel within the city of Łódź.

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