Railway station Łódź Niciarniana to change name to Łódź Stadion Widzew?

In recent days, a public debate over the name of Łódź Niciarniana railway station has emerged. Some Łódź residents feel that the name of the station should be changed to Łódź Stadion Widzew or simply Stadion Widzew.


With the new Łódź Fabryczna station and re-construction of Łódź Niciarniana, trains will once again arrive and depart from Niciarniana station. As part of its re-construction, the station was moved closer to the area where the new stadium of football team Widzew Łódź is currently being built. Because of the closer proximity to the stadium, some residents have called for the station to be re-named to Łódź Stadion Widzew or Stadion Widzew.

Residents argue that people coming to visit a football match or event at the new Widzew stadium, may mistakenly get off at Łódź Widzew. From there, they would still have to travel three stops by public transport. Opponents of the name change argue that the presence of a station called Łódź Widzew and a station called Łódź Stadion Widzew would bring chaos and confusion among travelers.

A name change requires the approval of Łódź City Council as well as railway company PKP. There would also be a fee involved with a possible name change.

– Given that there already is a Łódź Widzew station, renaming the next station to something similar could actually add more confusion among travelers, – says Grzegorz Gawlik spokesman for the president of Łódź. – Another question is who should bear the costs, – he adds.

So far, Łódź City Council has not yet received an application for a name change, however, residents of the area are set to put their case forward before the opening of the new Łódź Fabryczna railway station.

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