Public bicycles in Łódź – This is how it works

Since yesterday evening (30.04.2016), public bicycles are available for rent across the city of Łódź. Between April and November, 1000 bicycles can be rented at 100 stations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But before you can hop on to one of the bikes and start pedalling, there are a few things to do first. Here is what to do and how it works.


1. Registration

Before you rent one of the public bicycles, you have to create an account on the Łódź public bicycles website.. All you have to enter is a telephone number, your email address and your name. A PIN code will be send via SMS which you need to keep safe as the PIN is required at the stations when you want to rent a bike.

2. Payment and account balance

Following your registration, you will be asked to make an initial payment. The amount you want to pay towards your account balance depends on you, however, the minimum amount of the initial payment is 20 PLN. The initial payment will reflect on your public bicycles account instantly and can be used towards bike rental. Going forward, a minimum balance of 10 PLN has to be maintained in order for your account to remain active.

3. Renting a bike

Now that you have registered and paid your initial fee, you are ready to rent a bike from one of the 100 stations spread across the city of Łódź. All you have to do is go to the station’s terminal, chose “Rent”, enter your pin (which was sent by SMS). Your chosen bike will be released automatically from the station, ready for you to use.

4. Prices

Prices for the bike rental have been designed to be affordable and attractive. For the first 20 minutes, usage is free of charge (though there has to be a minimum balance of 10 PLN on your account). 21 – 60 minutes cost 1 PLN. For the second hour of bike rental users will be charged 3 PLN and for the third and each subsequent hour, users pay 5 PLN.

5. Using the bike

You are free to use the rented for whichever purpose you see fit. Whether you want to simply pedal through the city or do some shopping, the choice is yours. Bikes are equipped with all necessary safety features and a small basket for handbags or shopping bags.

6. Returning the bike

Once you are ready to return the bike, you can do so at a station of your choice. Simply move the bike back into the electrical lock of the station. Once the bike is fully locked back into the station, a sound signal will let you know that you have successfully returned the bike. If you want to make sure that your bike was indeed returned and the return has been registered, simply check your user account on the Łódź public bicycles website.

Should have any issues, your rented bike has a defect or gets stolen, you can contact the Łódź public bicycles customer service on 42 620 00 00. Just like the bicycles, customer service is available 24/7.

That’s it. It is that simple. Happy cycling!

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