Polish taxi drivers in protest against unfair competition. Slow move protest in 4 cities

Taxi drivers in four Polish cities have once again protested against unfair competition and “unlawfully operating companies”. The protest took place on Monday morning and was particularly aimed at ride-hailing company UBER.

The protests were held in the cities of Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań and Wrocław on Monday (05.06.) and lasted until approx. 13:00. Drivers took the streets in a slow-moving protests blocking major roads during rush hour.

In Łódź, taxi drivers handed over a petition to the governor of the region demanding that “immediate action is taken to eliminate unfair competition and the gray zone in road transport of people” .

The drivers also stated that operators such as UBER are foreign companies and that their proceeds are going abroad rather than building Polish economy.

Image: Office of the Governor Łódź region

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