Police in Pabianice seize 1.5 tonnes of illegal cigarettes

Police in Pabianice (Łódź region) seized 1.5 tonnes of illegal cigarettes in what can be described as a lucky break. Two people were arrested and taken to police station for questioning.


Following suspicious behavior, police in Pabianice tried to pull over the driver of a Fiat Ducato. Noticing the police patrol car, the driver of the van tried to take off, however, due to the driving skills of the officers and high powered police cars, the chase was brought to a swift hold.

Inside the van police discovered 1.5 tonnes of illegal cigarettes. Authorities estimate that the potential damage to Polish customs at 670 thousand PLN. The two suspects, two men aged 25 and 50, were taken to a police station for further questioning.

If being charged and convicted, they could face up to three years imprisonment.

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