Plot on corner of Zachodnia and Ogrodowa sold. Investor will build an office complex

An office and commercial complex will be built on the corner of ul. Zachodnia and Ogrodowa in Łódź. The land near the Poznan Palace was sold for 6.8 million zł by Austrian investor Warimpex.


This is the third time the tender for the plot of land took place. Two earlier attempts to sell the plot failed because of lack of interest. This time the property with an area of over 6.2 thousand. square meters was valued at 6.8 million zł. The offer by the Austrian company Warimpex, which also owns Andel’s Hotel Łódź, was approved by the city.

The city authorities have agreed to sell the plot for 6,800,001 zł. The agreement with Warimpex is to be signed next week. Within 5 years upon signing the contract, the company has committed to build a multi-story office building with retail outlets.

As previously announced by the investor, the ground floor will be devoted to a retail and service section, and the higher floors will be occupied by offices. Two underground levels will provide parking for 350 cars. The facade of the building will be constructed partly of glass, and partly of brick. On the roof a green zone will be created.

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