Light Move Festival Łódź 2014

Light Move Festival Łódź 2014

Light Move Festival is coming to Lodz. This cultural event has been held in Łódź since 2011 and it enjoys growing popularity. Its main aim is to promote the cultural and creative potential and to show in a unique way the valuable corners of Łódź, its space and buildings at night. It is an unusual combination of the historical identity of Łódź and the elements of visual art and multimedia transmission, promoting modern technologies and cooperation of art and science. As part of the Festival, spectacular illuminations, mappings, video installations, light urban games, artistic performances, symposia and other attractions are implemented. The organiser of the Festival is the Łódź Foundation “LUX pro MONUMENTIS”.

Artists from around the world will gather in Łódź to present their work and to try to wow the spectators. Visitors however will not only be able to watch the lightning spectacles, the art work will be underlined by musicians of different kinds, while the bars and clubs on Piotrkowka will adjust their programs too.

This year’s edition will take place over the second weekend of October. It starts on Friday 10th till Sunday 12 of October 2014. Video shows and multimedia projections will be presented every day from 18:30 until midnight. The organizers promise this Light Move Festival to be a “special” one as the area of the festival will spread over 2.5 kilometers along the main streets of Łódź.

Light Move Festival 2013

Light Move Festival Lodz - Piotrkowska 90It is not like the main street of Łódź, ul. Piotrkowska, is usually empty on Saturday nights, but last year’s Light Move Festival, attracted the masses more than ever. Following the first event in 2011 and the second in 2012, the third edition of the festival was a massive success for the organizers. Although a bit challenging due to the roadworks done on Piotrkowska, the organizers pulled it off once again, making the biggest Light Move Festival yet. Starting at Plac Wolnosci, the spectacle moved down to the Old Town Square via the parks situated between them.

So what can we expect from this year’s Light Move Festival? Well, one thing is certain. The works on Piotrkowska have been concluded, the pavement and road is finished, making it the perfect location. Over 20000 people have already “signed up” on the event’s Facebook page and artists from various countries will grace the festival with their presence.

When and Where?

The Light Move Festival 2014 will start on Friday the 10th of October on ul. Piotrkowska in Łódź. It will run throughout the weekend until Sunday 12th of October 23:30. Do not miss this fantastic event!

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