Plans for cycling license causes uproar amongst bike users in Łódź

Public bicycle have already proven successful in several Polish cities and with spring finally having arrived, residents of Łódź are looking forward to try out the new public bicycles which will be spread around the center of Łódź from May.


However, the recently formed government stunned cyclists across Poland when it announced that it plans to introduce a bike license for cyclists. The license, which is already in place for cyclists under the age of 18, would have to be obtained through a test at police stations.

In a statement, minister of infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk said – I have full respect for cyclists and this change will not be introduced against them, but for their safety -.

Police in Łódź have not commented on the planned changes yet, however, a spokesperson for the Łódź regional police headquarters confirmed that in 2015, 667 accidents occurred which involved cyclists but also said that only 205 of these were caused by the cyclists themselves.

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