Philips Lighting opens Financial Services Center in Łódź. Creates 120 jobs

Philips Lighting, the world leader in lighting technologies, which was recently named industry leader in the category of electrical components and equipment by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for 2017, announced today (05.10.2017) that it will open a Financial Services Center in Łódź.

120 people will be employed in the Łódź center and will be responsible for the accounting and financial processes of all European branches of the company. Philips Lighting, one of the service center pioneers in Łódź, already has experience in the set up of service centers in Poland. Its Łódź transaction center was acquired by Infosys BPO Ltd in 2007.

With a thorough analysis of the remaining non-transactional financial-accounting operations, Philips Lighting has decided to improve business efficiency by consolidating all processes in one place in Europe. The city of Łódź was chosen because of the potential of its labor force, good past experience, investment climate and the availability of high quality office space.

– As our accounting and financial operations are geographically divided, we want to move to a centralized center of excellence. This will allow us to improve the quality and efficiency of our accounting and financial operations by further optimizing, standardizing and increasing the flow of knowledge, – said Lion Paauwe, Center Director.

– In Poland we have a fantastic chance to hire well qualified and experienced foreign language professionals, and we, as Philips Lighting, have been operating in Poland for a long time, – he added.

Recruitment of employees for the new center is already in progress. Philips Lighting is using Experis Recruitment (ManpowerGroup) for support in its recruitment efforts.

Source: Philips Press Release

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