Pakistani national attacked outside kebab shop in Ozorków (Łódź) – “As revenge for Ełk”

A 44-year old Pakistani national has been attacked and brutally beaten outside a kebab shop in the small town of Ozorków (Łódź region). The incident took place in the night of Monday to Tuesday. The victim was left with a broken nose and teeth.


As Radio Łódź reported, the incident took place during the night from Monday to Tuesday (02.01. / 03.01.17) as the man finished his work at a kebab shop in Ozorków just outside the central Polish city of Łódź.

Police arrested four men suspected of carrying out the brutal attack. At first, the motive for the attack was unclear as the victim also stated that his mobile phone was stolen. However, following preliminary interviews held with the victim as well as one of the suspects, who is believed to have initiated the attack, police are investigating the attack as a racially motivated incident which can carry a penalty of up to five years imprisonment.

One of the suspects, a 37-year old man who is believed to have been first to attack the Pakistani national, told police that was drunk during the attack. Another suspect, a 44-year old man, stated that the attack was carried out as ‘Revenge for Ełk” and that”many more such incidents will follow across Poland”.

The incident comes after a 21-year old Polish man died after being stabbed outside a kebab shop in the north-eastern city of Ełk. A Tunisian national, who was employed at the kebab shop, was arrested in connection with the murder and has been charged by police.

Unfortunately, the incident in Ozorków is not an isolated ‘revenge act”. As Wroclaw Uncut reported, a molotov cocktail was thrown at an Egyptian restaurant in Wroclaw while one day before, a kebab shop in the same area had their windows smashed.

Image: Radio Łódź

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