Official opening of bicycle season in Łódź – Picnics and events on 1st of May

Picnic for cyclists, spring ride through the city and games for children. This is just a small part of the program for the official inauguration of the bicycle season in Łódź.


On the 1st of May at 11:30, fans of cycling will gather on Plac Wolnosci, says Piotr Kurzawa of the Łódź Events Center. – The first 150 people will receive a special occasional bicycle bell. At the passage Schiller we have planned a picnic for cyclists and at about 14.00 we will set off to a cycling tour of Łódź. The tour will last for about two hours and will lead through the city center, mainly to places where the public bike stations are installed- ,explains Kurzawa.

1st of May also marks the first day of operations of the public bicycles in Łódź . 1000 public bicycles will be available at 100 stations across the city.

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