Night of the falling stars 2017 – Where to watch in Łódź

If the weather permits, during the night of 12th to 13th of August, Łódź residents will once again be able to see dozens of shooting stars per hour. Saturday night marks the peak of annual Perseids and astronomers reckon that we are in for yet another amazing nightly spectacle.

In order to get a perfect and undisturbed view, astronomers recommend to seek dark places where the city light does not interfere with the view towards the stars. Ideally, those who do not want to miss the spectacle could move outside the city, onto large fields without lightning.

However, if you can not simply leave the city, try one of the many parks spread across the city, for example Park Źródliska at Piłsudskiego 61. Starting from 19:30, astronomers of the EC1’s planetarium welcome visitors to a range of events leading up to the main event, the joint observation of the sky under the guidance of the Planetarium staff. The astronomers will provide guidance, information and answer any questions you may have. The joint sky observation will start at 22:00 and will last until approx. 01:00 on Sunday morning.

Alternatively, Sukcesja shopping center opens their roof terrace for a “silent party” along with the observation of the falling stars. Choose the music of your choice from three channels and with your headphones on, you will be able to peacefully enjoy the nightly spectacle.

Image: UML

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