Night of the fallen stars 2015 – Where to watch them in Łódz

Wednesday 12 of August will see a peak of perseid meteor shower. It is an annual event, but astronomers believe that this year could be something well worth waiting for as extra dark skies should allow to see around fifty shooting stars per hour.


EC 1 Łódz Miasto Kultury invites everyone to Park Zrodliska by gardeners house (Tubajka Coffee House) where employees of EC1 planetarium will give a short prelection about perseids and advice about how to best observe the sky. The event will start at 21:30 and will finish at 01:00

Lodz Botanical Garden will also open it’s gates for enthusiasts of astronomy. The garden will be opened between 22 and midnight and it can be entered via the gate on Retkinska street 39/65. The viewing will take place in a secluded park of the garden where city lights will not interfere with the view. The Botanic Garden will provide blankets and sunloungers for visitors and similarily to Park Zrodliska, a short introduction to perseids will be given by employees of City of Lodz planetarium. Ticket for the Botanical Garden are available at 6 PLN per adult and 3 PLN per child.

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