New Year’s Eve at Manufaktura – Organizers promise firework spectacle

Just ahead of the Christmas holidays, news about the cancellation of the planned New Year’s eve party, at the newly build Łódź Fabryczna railway station spread amongst disappointed Łódź residents. The Łódź Post reported


While the city was unable to move the festivities to another venue, there are alternatives to bring in the bells in a good atmosphere and of course, with a great firework display.

The New Year’s Eve fireworks display at Manufaktura is a tradition. This year, the sky over the popular shopping and entertainment complex will light up with an impressive fireworks display which has not been shown in Łódź before.

– Our fireworks display will be the premiere of the latest developments and options in pyrotechnics and residents of Łódź will be in for an impressive display mixed with delightful music-, the organizers of the show stated.

The fireworks can be seen from the Manufaktura market square. Those with children will benefit from a specially designated family zone.

At every entrance to the market, security staff will make sure that visitors will be able to enjoy themselves in a safe environment. For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed to bring their own pyrotechnics or alcohol.

Gates to the spectacle will open at 23:00 and entrance is free of charge.

Image: Radio Łódź

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