New tickets at MPK Łódź. Residents vote for favourite designs

MPK Łódź will be changing the design of their public transport tickets. The city has presented six ticket patterns which residents can choose from. All of the proposed designs contain characteristic elements of Łódź.

The new MPK ticket model in Łódź will come into effect before the summer holidays. Until the 2nd of April, residents of Łódź can choose from one of the six proposed designs.

– All of the designs have very characteristic elements of Łódź, such as the EC1 or one of the dozen monuments on Piotrkowska street – explains Tomasz Piotrowski, from the Łódź mayor’s office.

After the introduction of the newly designed tickets, public transport passengers will still be able to use the existing tickets for several months. – It will be a transition period. These tickets, which are now available at kiosks and ticket machines, will still be valid. Passengers will be able to travel using either the old tickets or the tickets with new designs – says Piotrowski.

Voting takes place through the city’s website. Votes are casted until the 2nd of April.

Images: UML

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