New information boards on Piotrkowska in Łódź

Four new information boards will be installed on Łódź’s main street, Piotrkowska, this month. The boards will guide residents of Łódź, as well as tourists, to places such as restaurants, shops, sights and even public toilets.


– We want to show points of service, entertainment, shopping, commerce as well as points of interest for tourists. The boards will show all that is needed and what we want to find in the center of the city – says Piotr Kurzawa, spokesperson at Łódź city hall.

Justyna Kaliska, owner of one of the street’s businesses, says that legible and logical information boards are needed on Piotrkowska. – The most important point is to restore the idea of Piotrkowska being a ​​shopping street, because now, people tend to go to the mall instead of using Piotrkowska as the city’s high street. Piotrkowska is not only about pubs and clubs – she adds.

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