Murder of a 20-year old woman. Police in Łódź are looking for Artur Walas Kleibor

Police in Łódź are asking members of the public to assist with the apprehension of 29-year old Artur Walas Kleibor who is wanted in connection with the murder of a 20-year old woman from Zduńska Wola.

The warrant for arrest was issued by the Łódź-Bałuty district prosecutor’s office and police are appealing to the public to come forward with any information they may on the whereabouts of Artur Walas Kleibor, who police would like to question in connection to the death of his 20-year old girlfriend at his apartment in the Teofilów district in Łódź.

According to information released by the police, the 20-year old woman, who was named as Kaja, travelled to Kleibor’s apartment in Łódź on the 15th of August this year. It was said that the couple had been dating for approx. one month at that time. Later that day, Kleibor brought the 2.5 year old women’s child to her sister in Zduńska Wola, claiming that the victim was feeling unwell and would currently rest at his apartment in Łódź.

As family members and friends were unable to contact the victim, a police search of the apartment revealed the dead body of the young woman hidden inside a sofa. An examination revealed that the woman died from strangulation.

In the meantime, British Media reports surfaced about a Polish man, who in 2009 attacked and raped a 27-year old woman in the city of Peterborough. Following one of the largest manhunts recorded in Peterborough, in 2010 Artur Walas Kleibor was arrested and charged with the crime. In court he pleaded guilty to attacking and raping the woman as she walked along a dark cycle path. Back then, Kleibor admitted to strangling the woman, leaving her moments from death and raping her while she was unconscious.

Artur Walas Kleibor was last seen in Zduńska Wola on the 16th of August and police are asking members of the public to come forward with any information they may have on his whereabouts. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Łódź regional police headquarters on telephone number: (42) 665 22 56 or 693 997 284 or by visiting the police headquarters at ul. Lutomierska 108/112.

Police also remind people that according to art. 239 of the criminal code, a person who impedes criminal proceedings by helping the perpetrator to avoid criminal responsibility, including hiding the perpetrator or blotting off the traces of the offense, may be liable to imprisonment between 3 months to 5 years.

Image: Police Material

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