MPK Łódź increases passenger comfort and safety as new trams arrive from Germany

Passengers of MPK Łódź can look forward to more comfort and safety as the next two NF6D trams have been added to the company’s rolling stock. The two tram sets were brought from Bochum at the end of April. This marks the start of a series of deliveries as MPK Łódź purchased 34 trams from a German carrier for the total amount of EUR 3.1 million. Delivery of the next two sets of trams is planned for 23/24 of May with a total of 15 NF6D cars to be delivered within 2018.

At the moment, the cars undergo a series of changes including adapting to the power supply of Łódź, which is 600 V (in Bochum 750 V). The passenger information system will also be adjusted to Łódź standards and fitted with local ticket machines.

Photos: UMŁ

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