Manufaktura Łódź opens new parking lot

Manufaktura has opened it’s new parking facility for 387 additional parking spaces today. The three-storey tall and completely covered parking lot increases the total number of parking spaces available to 3500.


Over each of the newly created spaces, including 16 marked parking spots for people with disabilities, indicators have been placed to inform drivers whether or not a spot has been taken already. Furthermore on roads leading to Manufaktura and at the entrance, displays will inform drivers about the number of available parking lots. For the convenience of visitors, the parking lot is equipped with elevators and moving walkways, as well as a covered walkway connected to the shopping center.


The building uses energy-efficient LED lighting with a flexible control system which adapts to the intensity of sunlight. Nearby the new parking facility, a free charging station for electric cars can be found. Within 2-3 hours, it allows to achieve 80% charge, which will guarantee that drivers of electrical cars can reach any destination in the Łódź vicinity.

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