Łódzki Śledzik / Where is the herring festival 27.06.15 in Łódź

Łódzki Śledzik / Where is the herring? is a new event in Łódź. On June 27, between the hours of 4.00 P.M.-9.00 P.M. the organizers invite you to join the festival and enjoy a day full of good music, delicious multicultural food, workshops and other attractions and activities!


The aim of the event is to restore the memory of a forgotten place – the Staromiejski Park, known also as Śledzia Park (the Herring Park) and go back to its before-war glorious time. There used to be a synagogue and a street market known throughout the whole city. We are going to remind you of the history of the Lost quarter. It is going to be crowdy and loud!

Everyone, whether local residents or international communities living in Łódź are invited. Come and show a little bit of your culture!

The organizers of the event are: Why not? Association for the Integration and Development of People at Risk of Social Exclusion (Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Rozwoju i Integracji Osób Zagrożonych Wykluczeniem Społecznym) and HaMakom group. Their partners are:

Centrum Dialogu Łódź
KobieTy Łódź
Zielona Łódź

In the programme:

-Lodz artist’s shows
-Live painting & Lodz-Warsaw street art
-workshops and animations for children and youth
-Lodzian worldwide kitchen
– our first „Lodzian dream”
-”Where is the herring?? In search of lodzian tastes.



16.15 – Maciej Pawłowski
17.00 – Łukasz z Bałut
17.45 – Nina Ryczy & Your Old Stan-up!
18.30 – Aleksandra Chciuk & Kuba Krzewiński
19.45 – Wojciech Stanisz

20.30 – Lodzian Dream – You dont know what is it ? Come and see!

21.00 End of Garden time:)

After the event in the Śledzia Park you are invited to the after party in Niebostan (Piotrkowska 17) for a music show of Julia Hołówko.

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